Alexander Golubev — film director, photographer, videographer. He graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, the Department of Cinema and Photography with Honors, the workshop of Yu. I. Torgayev. 

 The author and director of short feature films “Sunny Bunny” (2006), “One” (2007), documentaries — “End of the season” (2006), “Earthly bow” (2007), “Ivangorod” (2008), “May Day” (2008), “Creatively incurable” (2009), “Work?” (2009), “Misha” (2010). Currently he works in shooting various areas — shooting various events, advertising, music videos, educational and scientific films, films for businesses and organizations. Cooperates with a number of studios and agencies of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad and other cities of Russia and abroad, including Faeton, SPS-Service, SKY Models, AYDreams, LifeSport, Main Stream, Marmalade. 

 The founder of the studio of professional photo and video shooting AGarte, photo projects HEROFILM, where everyone who comes can reincarnate as an image of his favorite movie hero, as well as the organizer of unique projects of underwater artistic photography. His team is a team of professionals and experienced professionals in the field of photo and video. Each specialist has a higher photo or film. Work only with professional equipment.

Компания AGarte: весь спектр услуг по фото/видео. AGarte: photo and video shooting in St. Petersburg and Moscow